Of Black Beards and Cats

Actually, this post has nothing to do with black cats, unless you are afraid of them. If you are, you probably know that your fear is prompted by superstition, and sailors in general have always been considered among the most superstitious group of people. 

Black Falcon Project Decks

Draw Me a Plan, Man!

If you read the whodunit about this site, you’ll know that the real purpose behind reworking the lovely Black Falcon plastic pirate ship kit is to entice you to read my book. Well, take a gander at these!


On Watering, Briefly

In an earlier post, I suggested that the extremely modified, and I daresay somewhat corrected, Atlantis Black Falcon plastic model pirate ship, is, in this diorama, watering. I thought I might explain that, because, well, it is nautical history.

Decks Fittings Hull

All About the Guns

What’s the fun of a pirate ship, and especially the Atlantis Black Falcon pirate ship model kit, if you don’t get to mess with cannons? The Black Falcon‘s guns may be the exception…

Fittings Hull Shrouds

Simple Chain Wales

The Atlantis Black Falcon plastic model sailing ship kit has amazingly unrealistic chainwales. These are better!


Make A Figurehead

The figurehead is the soul of the ship. The lady perched on Black Falcon’s prow is no exception!


Developing Davits

Those scratchbuilt davits are meant to suspend the boat rowing up to the Black Falcon. Finding a place to accommodate a realistically scaled boat is truly a challenge, until you look outside the ship.

Decks Sails and Yards

Keep Your Gun Deck Clear

When it’s time to rig your yards, it will help to think like a captain. Black Falcon’s stays are tied off to get the most benefit from her tiny crew.

Sails and Yards

Make a Simple Yard

Making convincing yards is challenging, but remarkably rewarding, and a lot of fun.


Comes a Boat

Modeling a boat for the Black Falcon turns out to be a real challenge, unless you cheat!